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ReFrame Wealth works in partnership with LionHeart Eldercare & Consulting, founded by Colleen Duewel. She often describes her role as a “Professional Adult Daughter”.
Mutual Funds or ETFs?  If you’ve been an investor during the last 20 years, you’ve probably heard of Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs. These
Tax-Loss Harvesting: The basics, the benefits and what investors should consider   Tax-loss harvesting has become an increasingly useful tax management tool for investors,
When I am not working with clients to better their financial situation, I enjoy spending time in nature.  Being outside clears my head and
What is up with I Bonds?   If you read or watch any current news about the markets or the economy, you’ve heard that
Every person deserves a financial advisor or planner who truly knows them and their families and has the time and commitment to maintain that
We built ReFrame Wealth as a place where the relationship between the client and the advisor would feel different.  When Mitch, Melanie and I
As a results of its aggression and actions in Ukraine, Russia has become an international pariah. Part of that impact is that their stock
If you work with the ReFrame Wealth team, you have likely heard us talk about our philosophy on investment portfolio construction and how our

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