Our Process

Here is what you can expect working with us.

Our Process

Here is what you can expect working with us.

The state of “not knowing where you stand financially” can be stressful. We want our clients to feel differently from the moment they walk through the door. Here is how that will look.

Exploration Meeting: Time to ReDiscover
The process begins when we sit down to explore what is most important to you. Some clients have a clear understanding of their money worries and goals. Others have never considered that side of financial decision making before. In this exploration meeting, we become your thinking partner as we talk through your life today, the transitions you anticipate in the future, and the resources you have accumulated to make it all happen.
Design Phase: Time to ReImagine
Your finances grew organically over the years as you worked, saved, and invested for the future. Now is the time to reimagine it with intention. Our team will work together to prepare a comprehensive analysis that covers every aspect of your financial life. Think of it as a plan for your money that revolves around your values, your goals, and your vision.
Sharing Meeting: Time to ReCommend
In this collaborative meeting, we present our analysis and discuss your options. It all begins with an easy-to-understand summary of where you are today — and a confirmation of where you want to go. As with any journey, there are many ways to get to your destination. Together, we outline the possibilities, decide what changes are necessary, and define priorities. Our goal is to allow you to walk away with a fresh perspective and a clear understanding of what needs to happen next.
Implementation Meeting: Time to ReAlize
At this meeting, our work together can begin in earnest. The ReFrame Wealth team will review your decisions and set your comprehensive financial roadmap into action. If your plan requires coordination with other professionals, we will make the introductions and bring them into the process at the right time.
Ongoing Support: Time to ReView
With the initial plan set into action, the ReFrame Wealth team will transition into ongoing support, maintenance, and advanced planning. Your life doesn’t stand still, which is why even the best plan will need revisions as we move forward together. The ReFrame Wealth team will monitor the markets, tax law changes, and emerging best practices so that our advice continues to be in your best interest. Expect periodic review meetings with your advisor — and just-in-time answers for all those questions in between the meetings.
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Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!)

Fee-only means that, as a true fiduciary, we have endeavored to eliminate any and all conflicts of interest that surround some of the common compensation arrangements in the industry. We believe that simple and transparent fees result in fewer distractions to us — and better advice for you.

The ReFrame Wealth fee is calculated as a percentage of the assets that we advise on. This fee covers investment management, financial planning, and elder care consulting. Your fee is automatically deducted from your investment account every quarter; you do not get a separate bill for these services. We do not charge an hourly rate. We have no ties to financial product companies and do not accept commissions or kickbacks for recommending certain investments over others.

We selected Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (“Schwab”), as the custodian for our client’s assets based on Schwab’s long history of serving investors, as well as their extraordinary commitment to data security and privacy. 

Charles Schwab also provides our clients with their Schwab Security Guarantee, which promises that “Schwab will cover losses in any of your Schwab accounts due to unauthorized activity”.   How’s that for peace of mind?

Additionally, Schwab is a member of Securities Investor Protection Corporation (“SIPC”).  SIPC protection covers stocks, bonds, Treasury securities, certificates of deposit, mutual funds, and money market mutual funds held at SIPC member firms.  It does not cover investment losses due to market declines.

ReFrame Wealth is registered as a large investment advisor (more than $100MM assets under management) with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).  The SEC audits our activities, trading procedures, billing, documentation, advertising, and financials, among other things. 

Yes. We built ReFrame Wealth to provide fiduciary advice bound by the standards of both the SEC and the CFP(R) Board. There is no circumstance in which we step away from the fiduciary standard. We embrace our legal obligation to deliver financial advice that is in our client’s best interest — at all times, without exception.

Your financial planner will present you with an Investment Policy Statement that takes your total financial picture, your preferences, and your income needs into account.  With your approval, our portfolio managers will adhere to your personal investment policy at all times.

Yes. We offer investment options that match your values. We can build portfolios that are aligned with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) values. We believe that every investment has the potential to be impactful — and take pride in helping our clients vote with their dollars while making progress toward their financial goals.

No. Offering those types of products directly to our clients would disqualify us from running a true fiduciary fee-only firm. If your comprehensive financial plan indicates a need for insurance, annuity, or a mortgage, the ReFrame planners can introduce you to a vetted professional outside of our firm — and walk alongside them to ensure that you are taken care of. We do not receive any payment related to insurance, annuities, or mortgage products that you choose to buy. 

We have structured ReFrame Wealth as a fully integrated team.  If your financial planner is unavailable for any reason, another ReFrame Wealth teammate can help you.

Thanks to our partnership with Charles Schwab, you can always access your assets and account support directly through the Schwab website, call center, or any branch/investor center.

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