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ReFrame Wealth works in partnership with LionHeart Eldercare & Consulting, founded by Colleen Duewel. She often describes her role as a “Professional Adult Daughter”.
It’s that time of year—school is winding down and I start thinking about my list of summer projects. At the top of my list:
Tax-Loss Harvesting: The basics, the benefits and what investors should consider   Tax-loss harvesting has become an increasingly useful tax management tool for investors,
Click the photo to watch Broker-Dealer?  Registered Investment Advisor? Melanie C. Simons shares three key differences between an RIA and a BD.  Which one
When I am not working with clients to better their financial situation, I enjoy spending time in nature.  Being outside clears my head and
What is up with I Bonds?   If you read or watch any current news about the markets or the economy, you’ve heard that
Every person deserves a financial advisor or planner who truly knows them and their families and has the time and commitment to maintain that
We built ReFrame Wealth as a place where the relationship between the client and the advisor would feel different.  When Mitch, Melanie and I

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