Got an Eye for I Bonds?

Got an Eye for I Bonds?

What is up with I Bonds?


If you read or watch any current news about the markets or the economy, you’ve heard that inflation rates are high, stocks are down, and bonds had a tough first quarter. In all of this negative news, many people are asking me about I bonds –“ is it true they are paying 9.62%”?  The answer to that question is, yes, currently you can buy an I bond on Treasury Direct and it is paying 9.62% through October of 2022.  There are some other important pieces of information to know.

  • An investor is capped at purchasing $10,000 of I bonds.
  • The bonds are made up of two parts, an annual interest rate and a semiannual inflation rate. The annual interest rate today is 0%, the semi-annual inflation rate is 4.81% – multiply the that by two and you get that shiny 9.62% APY.
  • The US Treasury’s semi-annual inflation rates change every 6 months (May and November), so the rate on your bond will also change twice a year. The fixed rate (0% today) is determined at issue and applies for the life of the bond.
  • The term on the bond is 5 years, and if cash it out after year-one but before year-five, you’ll be paying a three month interest penalty.
  • Click here for a full details and terms of the I Bonds on Treasury Direct.

In the volatility of the current market, a 9.62% return may be very attractive.  That said, the process of creating a new Treasury Direct account and keeping an eye on it every six months can be a deterrent for those who prefer to set a plan and let it work for the long-term.  For families who have built a strong emergency fund, this could be a good vehicle for a portion of that fund.  The 12-month lock up means you need to be confident you won’t need those funds in the next year.  The $10,000 cap may also be a limitation to those who have a desire to invest a much higher dollar amount into this strategy. If you have an interest in learning more about how I Bonds may fit into your portfolio strategy, or if you’d like to talk about some other alternatives for your investments, we would welcome your call.






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